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Subsidy System for Cruise Ships

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Subsidy System for Cruise Ships

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government introduces a subsidy program for foreign passenger ships calling at the Port of Tokyo during the period of April 2012 through March 2018. The subsidy program is for pilotage, towage, and line handling charge.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly will annually examine and pass its budget. Therefore, the subsidy program is subject to annual examination and passage by the assembly.

【Target entity of the subsidy】

In case of foreign passenger ships, general sales cruises which include entrance into and leave from the Port of Tokyo.

【Target expenses of the subsidy】

  • 1) Pilotage, towage and line handling charge on entrance into and leave from the Port of Tokyo.
  • 2) Charter fees of ships to disembark passengers from the main ship to islands at Izu and Ogasawara islands.

【Subsidy Amount】

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government subsidizes the above target expenses at cost.

However, if the target expenses exceed the limits below, TMG will subsidize the amounts listed below.

  • 1) For entrance into and leave from the Port of Tokyo. Cap: 1 million yen
  • 2) For chartering ships for passengers to disembark from a main ship onto islands when the main ship makes calling at the Izu and Ogasawara islands after having made calling at the Port of Tokyo. Cap: 1.2 million yen
    (On top of the subsidy in 1), TMG will subsidize the cost of chartering ships up to 200,000 yen.)
When calling at the Izu Ogasawara islands
With calling No calling
With chartered ferry boats Without chartered ferry
1,200 thousand yen 1,000 thousand yen 1,000 thousand yen

※ Subsidies to a single cruise ship operator are limited to three times within a fiscal year during the subsidy period.

【How to Apply】

In principle, a cruise ship operator should apply for the subsidy, but if an operator is not affiliated with a Japanese corporation and the application is difficult, the application can be filed under the name of an agent.


The subsidy will be wired into a bank account of the cruise ship operator. The account must be opened at the banking institution specified by the TMG.



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