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Tokyo Gate Bridge

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Tokyo Gate Bridge is a 2,618m bridge that goes across East Tokyo Passage on Tokyo Port Seaside Road linking between Jonanjima, Ota Ward, and Wakasu, Koto Ward.

This bridge has unique shape due to the following reasons.
・Building height restricted due to its proximity to Haneda Airport
・Sufficient maximum-bridge-deck height required to ensure the safety of vessels navigating the main channel of Tokyo Port.

Therefore, the Bridge employs "truss structure" instead of taking the form of a suspended or cable-stayed bridge that requires a high bridge tower, thereby ensuring its safety and durability to allow for traffic that amounts to approximately 320,000 vehicles a day, including logistic ones.

■Purpose of improvement:
 Reducing transit time for logistic vehicles on the rise, such as those carrying containers, by streamlining the traffic to and from Tokyo Port with the improvements made to its port facilities in our efforts to strengthen its global competitiveness.

■Construction period:
 From FY 2002 to FY 2011 (opened: 12 February 2012)

■Construction cost:
 Approx. 110 billion yen


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