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Web Accessibility Policy

Web Accessibility Policy

 This website aims to comply with Level AA of the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS X 8341-3: 2010 "Guidelines for older persons and persons with disabilities - Information and communication equipment, software and services - Part 3: Web content" (hereinafter referred to as "JIS X 8341-3").

1. Pages subject to the policy
The pages on the website of the Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (hereinafter referred to as the "TMG") (/).

2. Exceptions
The policy goal does not apply to the following due to the difficulty of modification.
(1) Contents that have no modifiable data or cannot be modified
(2) Parts of images and videos that were made in the past
(3) Services and their accompanying contents provided by external sources
(4) Data in PDF, Excel, Word or other formats.

3. Target date and level for achievement of the policy goals
Target date for achievement: March 31, 2016
Level for achievement: Level AA compliance

Multilingual Policy

 We have prepared multilingual versions of pages in order to provide the TMG's information to international visitors for their better understanding of our efforts. If you click the buttons (e.g. English) on the top of pages, their translated versions will be displayed.

Privacy Policy

  We collect information from its users to the extent necessary for smooth operations of its services (e.g. information provision and enquiry reception on the website). We will work on making a worry-free website as well as deal with information collection, use and management in accordance with the "Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Personal Information Protection (Ordinance No. 113, December 21, 1990)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Ordinance") as follows.

【Personal information】
   Personal information refers to the information by which you can be identified, including your address, name, telephone number and E-mail address that you provided to the TMG on this website).

【Scope of this policy】
  This policy is only applicable to this website, not to other websites linked from this website. At the linked websites, each relevant organization takes responsibility for the handling of information.

【Collection of personal information】
 The collection of personal information by the TMG on this website is, in principle, to be based on each user's provision (registration) of their information on their own will.。
 When collecting private information, we will explicitly state its purpose.
 Collection of personal information is to be carried out to the extent necessary for achieving specified purposes.

【Regulations on personal information】
  We will use personal information that you provide to (or register with) us within the scope of the purposes of information collection explicitly stated in advance. We will never use personal information within the given implementing bodies* and provide said information outside the bodies beyond the purposes of private information collection except as specified in the Ordinance. We may disclose information such as statistically processed user attributes only if it does not contain any personal information.
  * "Implementing bodies" refer to those which handle personal information: the governor, administrative committees and public enterprise managers of the TMG, the Fire Chief of Tokyo Fire Department, and heads of administrative bodies specified in the TMG regulations.

【Management of personal information】
  The webmaster will place strict controls on collected personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation and falsification of said information.
  In addition, the TMG may outsource the operations of the website to third parties that will also take appropriate measures in the same manner.

【User information that does not contain personally identifiable information】
 We automatically collect information such as your Internet domain name, IP address, browser settings (hereinafter referred to as the "user information").
We will collect and use user information only to the extent that such information is used for the improvement of the usability of this website. We may, however, disclose information such as statistically processed information on website access and browser settings.

Rights and Links

1. Copyright
 The copyrights on files (e.g. documents and images) and their contents on this website are, in principle, retained by the Bureau of Port and Harbor, TMG.
 The said materials may not be reproduced without the consent of the TMG except in cases allowed by the Copyright Act (e.g. private photocopying and reference).
 Also, Adobe Acrobat is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
 Note: all other company names and products on the website are, in general, their trademarks or registered marks.

2. Link
 You are, in principle, free to link to the website of the Bureau of Port and Harbor, TMG (/).
 You do not have to contact us in advance when you put a link to this website, but please contact the Public Relations Team, General Affairs Section, General Affairs Division, the Bureau of Port and Harbor, TMG with the following information (※1-※5).
 Please note that we may request the removal of links to our site if the contents of websites that put links to this website are offensive to laws, regulations, or public order and morals. When you set up a link to this website, please indicate the link is to the website of the Bureau of Port and Harbor, TMG.
 Also, please do not set up links in such a way that the page of this website is displayed within frames.
 Please note that the files (e.g. documents) and contents on this website are subject to change or suspension without notice.

 ※1 Individual or company names
 ※2 E-mail address
 ※3 Postal address
 ※4 Title
 ※5 Comment


1. Recommended browser settings
 The following browsers are recommended for safer and more comfortable use of this website.
 ・Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
 ・Latest version of Google Chrome
 ・Latest version of Mozilla Firefox
 ・Latest version of Safari

2. Technologies used on this website
 We use cookies for the purposes such as user convenience and information collection to improve the website continuously.
 Cookies are information that are sent to users' browsers from the server for the operations of this website and are stored in users' computers. The stored information, however, do not contain any personally identifiable information (e.g. user name, address and telephone number).
 Also, they do not cause any direct harm to users' computers.
 Users can reject cookies by changing the settings of their browsers by themselves. Even in this case, cookies do not cause any great trouble viewing this website, either.
 For information on how to change the setting of browser, please consult its help function or manufacturer.

 We use JavaScript in parts of the contents for more user convenience.
Please note that there may be the case where the website is not properly displayed or operable unless JavaScript of the browser that you use is enabled (activated).

 The website uses SSL encryption in certain services to enhance its security level.
 Your browser needs to have 128-bit SSL encryption to use relevant services.
 Using properly secured browsers allow users to encrypt and send/receive automatically their personal information (names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) typed by users.
 There is no concern for theft of details, should a third party intercept transmitted data.
 Also, please note that there may be cases where you cannot use the given pages due to the setting (e.g. firewall).

  You need to have installed Adobe Reader of Adobe Systems Incorporated in order to view or copy PDF files. If you have not installed Adobe Reader or cannot view the details of the website properly, please download its latest version.

 For terms of use, please see our Twitter page.

 For terms of use, please see our Facebook page.

3. Security of information system
 We will continue our project based on users' trust and protect information assets from threats for the purpose of fulfilling our social mission as an administrative body.
 ・In order to keep safety and accuracy of information assets, we will take appropriate safety measures while making efforts to prevent unauthorized access and personal-information destruction, falsification, loss and leakage.
 ・As for the handling of information assets, we will comply with the TMG Basic Information Security Policy and laws and other regulations.
 ・In cases where the processing of information assets is outsourced to third parties, it will be operated under the proper management by the TMG.
 ・We aim to maintain and enhance information security by creating a system for continuous enhancement.

Legal matters

1. Disclaimer
 We provide no warranties regarding the integrity or accuracy of the information on this website. We may change the information on this website without prior notice.
 We accept no responsibility for any loss that is directly or indirectly caused by using the information or contents on the website.

2. Prohibited matters
 We prohibit the following activities associated with the use of this website.
  ・Activities that obstruct and hinder the operations of this website
  ・Activities that cause or potentially cause troubles, disadvantages or harm to privacy of the Bureau of Port and Harbor, TMG, other users and third parties
  ・Activities that are offensive or potentially offensive to public order and morals
  ・Activities that breach laws, regulations or ordinances
  ・Other activities that the TMG deems as inappropriate

3. Applicable law and the court with jurisdiction
 The use of this website, and interpretation and application of the use policy as set out here, shall, unless otherwise specified, be governed by the laws of Japan.
 All the disputes concerning the use of this website are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.