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As a global player of Asia

The Waterfront City is a new industrial space that befits companies aiming at the world market.

The Waterfront City is favorably located. It is close to downtown Tokyo and a junction point of land, sea and air traffic. Diverse institutions are starting operations here, including such high-tech enterprises as telecom companies, image media and general trading companies, Tokyo Academic Park for international exchanges in research and personnel, National Institute of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

Tokyo Waterfront City, where diverse functions are accumulating and information is exchanged, abounds in new business chances. The Time 24 Building and the Incubator Office of Tokyo Fashion Town support entrepreneurs who want to leap into the global scene.

A new industry that leads the world will be born here if the results of the most advanced research and the sophisticated technologies of small and medium-sized enterprises are tied together.The Waterfront City makes its highly secured underground multi-purpose duct available to telecom companies in order to expand the scene for activity of the fast-growing IT industry.The Rinkai Line, which is linked to the Tokyo Monorail at Tennozu Isle Station, further improves access to Haneda airport, and supports the activities of globally-oriented companies.

The Waterfront City, visited by 55.4 million people every year, abounds in urban scenic beauty with its water and greenery and is a bustling and charming place. It dispatches diverse information about the economy, culture, and science and technology to the whole world and is growing as a global player of Asia.

Tokyo Academic Park, a new base for international exchange
and research in science and technology
Business town in Daiba
Haneda airport expanding international connections.

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